Turnkey solutions for Prefabricated buildings

Our prefab team is comprised of industry experts experienced in non-conventional construction styles to deliver structures fit and safe for the purpose. We designed and installed multipurpose prefabricated structures in Uganda and across East Africa. We are your ideal partner for a quick turn-around.


Reasonant Contractors provides turnkey solutions for prefabricated buildings (prefabs), from conception, to design, manufacture and erection. Our operations are spread throughout the East African region with several projects completed in Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Tanzania. Our experience has given us the expertise in working in harsh and remote environments and successfully implementing projects at international standards.

Advantages of prefabricated structures

(1) Durable construction, built to last long and withstand adverse weather conditions.
(2) Highly customisable – can be designed and expanded endlessly as per requirement.
(3) Built under factory conditions with PUF, EPS or rock wool sandwich insulated panels.
(4) Lightweight ensures roofing can be done without much hassle.
(5) Sandwich panels are known for their good insulation properties against extreme weather conditions.
(6) Lightweight construction makes it easy to transport, thus allowing the structures to be dismantled, relocated to a different site and reused if one needs to.
(7) Versatile structures that find multifarious applications across building types sectors – industrial, commercial, large open spaces, labour accommodations, etc.

Discover Unlimited Possibility

Discover Unlimited Possibility with our range of modular prefab structures. Prefabricated building structures can be customised to fit into any kind of requirement – big or small. The structures are reliable, durable, quick to build and cost-effective in the long run. Some of the widespread applications of such building structures are:

❖ prefabricated School
❖ prefabricated Hospital
❖ Porta cabins
❖ Prefab Site office
❖ Workers accommodation
❖ Solar Inverter room
❖ Multi Storey Building

❖ Clean Room
❖ Cold Storage
❖ Ripening chambers
❖ Railway Shelters
❖ Prefabricated Pulpits
❖ Liftable pulpits
❖ Poultry sheds